CMS Encore Pro (Free Edition)

CMS Encore Pro (Free Edition) 1.0

Website content manager that offers you a lot of interesting features and tools

CMS Encore Pro is a website content manager that offers you a lot of interesting features and tools, so that you can easily create your small personal or commercial website and modify its contents, look, style, and other elements quickly, without the need to have an advanced knowledge of HTML coding or JavaScript programming.

When you first run the program it shows you its “About” window, which allows you to choose between buying the full version, or running the free version. It is very important to note that this review refers to the free version of the program, a limited version with no expiration date. However, there is also a full version available for you to try and buy. This free version allows you to publish up to 80 objects, including images and multimedia elements, and to keep a maximum of 30 articles per site. These limitations, of course, are not present in the full version.

The program then shows you a log in window where you can type your username and password, and choose the project you want to work with. As you can see, it works with users, which means that you can be sure that you are the only person who can make changes and add articles to any of your personal sites. From here you can also opt to create a new project, in which case a new window is displayed showing the various templates that you can use as themes for your new site.

Finally, the main work area offers you a nice and light interface, where you can easily manage all your content. You have one panel that shows you all of your project's channels and folders in a hierarchical way, and gives you direct access to page, image, and general templates and to other components. Another panel shows you the project's content itself. It has four tabs: Content, Images/Media, Templates, and Users. Every one of them allows you to manage different kinds of resources for your current work. There is also a preview panel where you can control the page's layout in real time, showing you the exact appearance it will take when published. Here you can also switch between this view and the source HTML code.

Undoubtedly, this is great software tool to manage website content.

Ricardo Soria
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Review summary


  • Free
  • Manages users and passwords
  • Nice and light interface
  • Provides a lot of templates
  • Allows you to check the page layout at any time


  • Free version only allows you to publish up to 80 objects or a maximum of 30 articles
  • Free version is intended only for small and/or test websites
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